Best Workers Comp Insurance For Small Business 2024

Best Workers Comp Insurance For Small Business 2024

Searching for the best workers comp insurance for your small business in 2024? Look no further! Aupeo has curated a list of top picks to help you navigate the options hassle-free.

Our Lists of the Best Workers Comp Insurance for Small Businesses 2024

CompanyComplaint Level for Workers’ Comp InsuranceAM Best Financial Strength RatingAdvisor Rating for Workers’ Compensation Insurance
ProgressiveLow ComplaintsA+Not available
TravelersHigher than averageA++Above average
HiscoxLow ComplaintsABest for Small Business
biBERKInformation not specifiedPart of Berkshire Hathaway GroupTailored for compliance
CoverWalletDepends on the partner insurerA (Aon)Good for micro-businesses
ChubbSome businesses may find coverage too extensiveA++Offers comprehensive benefits
The HartfordIssues with Workers Comp and FMLA claimsA+Solid for a range of businesses
Next InsuranceLimited on medical management detailsA-Best for industries like construction and retail
CopperPointInformation not specifiedA+Not available
ErieLow ComplaintsA+Known for exceptional customer service
Everest InsuranceInformation not specifiedA+Not available
Great AmericanLow ComplaintsA+Known for diverse offerings and strong customer service


Known for its focus on small businesses, particularly in professional services, Hiscox offers basic coverage options like general liability and business owner’s policies.

It is ideal for businesses needing straightforward, basic insurance coverage and allows for online quotes and purchases.

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Offers a wide range of coverage including workers’ compensation. Progressive is known for its flexibility in coverage and its ability to provide customized quotes that match the specific needs of businesses. They offer both short and long-term disability benefits under their workers’ comp policies.


As the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in the U.S., Travelers offers extensive risk management resources and tools, such as predictive modeling and fraud detection using AI, which can help businesses manage and reduce risks effectively.


A part of Berkshire Hathaway, biBERK simplifies the insurance process with its online platform where small business owners can get quotes, purchase policies, and manage claims. This is suitable for businesses looking for an easy digital experience.


Provides a digital platform that matches businesses with various insurance providers, allowing for a customized insurance package. It’s especially beneficial for micro-businesses or businesses with very specific insurance needs.


Offers robust workers’ compensation insurance with excellent claims services and resources for risk management. Chubb is known for its extensive network of providers and superior customer service, making it a top choice for larger businesses or those needing detailed and comprehensive coverage.

The Hartford

Known for its strong reputation and wide range of business insurance solutions, The Hartford provides detailed resources and excellent services for managing workers’ compensation claims. Their offerings are extensive, making them suitable for diverse business needs.

Next Insurance

Targets small businesses with a focus on digital management of insurance policies. Next Insurance offers an easy online application process, immediate digital certificate access, and is suitable for business owners comfortable with managing their insurance needs online.

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Choosing the best workers comp insurance for your small business is vital. For tailored coverage and expert advice, visit today!

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