FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


  1. General questions
  2. AUPEO! in your car
  3. Account related questions
  4. Questions about functionality
  5. Music related questions
  6. Technical questions
  7. Questions related to the newsletter
  8. Contact AUPEO!

General Questions

  • What is AUPEO! Personal Radio?
  • Is AUPEO! Personal Radio legal?
  • Is AUPEO! Personal Radio free?
  • What are Genre Stations?
  • What are Artist Stations?
  • How does AUPEO! Personal Radio work?
  • What is the Mood Turner?
  • What is AUPEO! NOW?
  • Is AUPEO! Personal Radio active in social networks?
  • Can I share my music with my friends in social networks?

AUPEO! in your car

  • General
  • BMW
  • MINI
  • Pioneer

Account related questions

  • What is a “Free Trial”?
  • How do I redeem a voucher?
  • Can I listen to music without registering?
  • How do I set up a profile?
  • How can I change my account settings?
  • How do I delete my account?
  • What is AUPEO! Premium?
  • Can I skip songs?
  • Which payment methods are available for AUPEO! Personal Radio?
  • How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

Questions about functionality

  • What happens when I click the ‘Love’ button for a song?
  • What happens when I click the ‘Ban’ button on a certain song?
  • What can I do when I accidentally clicked the Love / Ban button?
  • Can songs be rewinded or fast-forwarded at AUPEO! Personal Radio?
  • What is 7 Digital?

Music related questions

  • Can I buy and download songs from AUPEO! Personal Radio?
  • Why am I unable to buy some songs?
  • Can I listen to my own music collection on AUPEO! Personal Radio?
  • Can I as an artist / label send my music to AUPEO!?

Technical questions

  • Does AUPEO! Personal Radio work on my device?
  • How can I register or activate AUPEO! Personal Radio on my device?
  • Is there an AUPEO! Personal Radio app?

Questions related to the newsletter

  • Does AUPEO! Personal radio have a newsletter and what are the benefits?
  • How can I activate or cancel the newsletter subscription?

Contact AUPEO!

  • Whom can I contact if I have a problem with the site?
  • I would like to work for AUPEO! Personal Radio. Whom can I contact?